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might sell the XJ

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well I might sell the XJ, yesterday night I went for an hour drive to buy some MTs, and coming back home it was real slow and smoking.. and well I thought it might be me dragging the brakes, but this morning I went to move it and it was real slow, didnt want to get to gear, so I took it to the tranny warranty, (for those who dont know I had the tranny rebuild 5 months back $1500) and luckily is covered, if it is tranny, and well I cant have that insecurity of loosing the tranny, and I dont have the money to pay again for a new one, so I might fix it and sell it and get something else, maybe an other XJ, maybe a toyota pick up 4x4 manual 4 cylinder, (I saw one that I liked) lets see what happens, but dont I wont be leaving the site.

something like this i might buy, if I dont get an other xj
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im 20yo and paying for college and well, in other words is low, very low,, tight budget
if I find a manual one I will..
well like you guys know ive only had this xj for about 10 months now,, so I still dont know it completely , well I guess , ill check what happens,, I will let you know
Well you know it enough to know the general vehicle. As you know when buying something else (unless new) you have no idea really what that vehicle is like.
yeah I guess
Well if you do sell I hope you get another one and if you dont get another one I hope you at least stick around.
you know I will:cheers:
saw this two XJs today, on some adds.. if they are manuals I would consider buying them here is one of them let me find the other

it says

4 door good conditions recently painted , new radiator, water pump, breaks, shocks, tires, oil , tune up, ready to use
lol,, well if it is a manual, I dont want to mess with more auto tranny prob, manuals dont die as much
the thing is Ive heard all my life that XJ suffer from auto trannys, and that they always give problems,, they only people telling me other wise are you guys.. and I know you know about what your talking but there more votes saying auto bad than auto good
well then im deffenetly selling my XJ and well if I find a good XJ I will seriously consider it..
ahh is not reading this, its just that I know my tranny is not strong as its suppossed to be.. I dont trust much the mechs that rebuild it, and that "fix it" now, I think they just top the oil and good buy.. so I would get a new one,, one that I know it does not have any tranny trouble
lets see, im trying to get in contact with the owner of the blue XJ.. he wont pick up the phone..
ok i will let you guys know
how about a 92 ford explorer auto full power for 2,900, 2door

are they any good?
well guys help me out, I need options, besides the XJ, what else, any good 4x4 that wont break down? in the 3500k under budget?
mud you know thats not the answerd I was looking for, I know that , that does not help.. all old vehicles are as reliable as their PO, sorry if im cranky but this really stress me out.. not having options
Well I know you were thinking of a Toyota Pickup earlier, and I owned an 86' Toyota Pickup with 233,000 miles when I sold it. Other than normal wear and tear, it never broke down. They are good little pickups that run FOREVER . I would suggest getting an extended cab cause the regular cab is quite small. And when someone has to ride in the middle they give you a dirty look when you shift into 2nd, 4th, and reverse. I also would get a mid 90's one wit ha 22RE engine (fuel injected). That is of course if you could put up with the IFS in the front ;)

I only say all this because I have had experience with one and I liked it.
thanx Ill look into that, also auto or manual?
yeah, they always tell me on a toyota, get a 4 banger and manuals..
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