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Modern XJ Interior?

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Hey guys I have been looking at buying a 97 XJ, and I love everything about it except the interior. The dash is ugly, the seats are ugly, the bench is ugly, and so on. Is there a way that I can make the interior look like a new car (I am not talking about detailing or new stock parts, I mean like making it have a modern interior)? Could I buy a totaled car for cheap and rip out all the interior and stick it in the XJ? Is there a kit to do what I am looking for?
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If you are doing the Gladiator dash, bear in mind that it is a wider vehicle, so it won't all fit as is and that all the dash gauges have a computer that is mated to the ECM. Tried something like this myself once and scrapped the project. And I pretty god with wiring
a yj? those aren’t newer so that would not make it have a newer look on the inside. i was thinking like a 2020 gladiator or cherokee or grand cherokee cuz the have a new look and are about the same size and are new
The whole point of this project is to keep the badass look of the xj on the outside but look like a new car on the inside
so if a gladiator dash won’t work would a new cherokee or grand cherokee?
If i can’t salvage one from another jeep, could i just fabricate one so much that it’s basically from a different car?
The WJ is also wider than the XJ. So if you are going to start fabricating, go for it
so if we’re fabricating, would the gladiator work?
I am not familiar enough with the gladiator dash to know
How about a 2012 Jeep Liberty? That’s almost the exact same vehicle
interesting. They are the same size and aren’t that far apart in age.
That is true. The KJ was the replacement for the XJ. However you still have the problem of computers. The two speak a different language
Like the radio unit or the ecu?
As I understand it, the dash has its own chip, which communicates with the ECU. The ECU sends out coded impulses with current to power just about everything in conjunction with various other modules even down to the headlights. It also uses its own ground unlike the XJ which uses the common ground. That is why modern Jeep headlights flicker. It is all a power saving feature to get that last bit of mileage for CAFE standards. So you would have to scrap the instruments if you did use it
when you say scrap instruments do you mean like get led headlights and stuff or what
You will have to replace the whole instrument module with analogue gauges
Hey I have an opportunity to buy a 96 stock XJ with 203,000 miles on it for $1k. However, the water pump is leaking and the ac doesn't blow. It does have a new alternator and water pump, just the pump is leaking. Should I buy it? It still runs and drives nicely. It's in great shape, it just needs a little work.
Decent deal. What is leaking on the pump? Gasket or shaft seal?
He doesn't know I'd have to figure out and fix it
Put your finger under the nose of the pump. If it is wet it is the seal. If not probably just a gasket problem
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