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Most memorable moment of your cherokee?

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What is your most memorable moment folks? Tell us here.
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I like post wreck better then pre wreck :D
When my rear bogger and axle hit me in the door as it passed me going up a hill.
:rofl: Only in a jeep my friend, only in a jeep.
testing my first set of mud tires and realizing my t-case chain was streched and i couldnt use 4wheeldrive
I would have been pissed, I hate testing out new stuff and failing in the process. Quite a common occurrence for me :D
Videos and pictures please :D
:rofl: He said tape.

Nice pic:thumbsup:
Fixed it for you, nice vid.
Nice vid:cheers:
Hummers:rofl: Nice vid
1 - 9 of 32 Posts
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