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Most memorable moment of your cherokee?

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What is your most memorable moment folks? Tell us here.
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Jeonlyep Was that at Frostbite? Kyle those are the Concrete tubes I was on, I just didn't go down the side he did I was to chicken *lol* That and he only has a lil more clearance than me *l*
Second most memorable moment was the lift and tires day....

There are very few things that are more exciting than driving a newly lifted vehicle. I'd done it twice now.
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Putting the lift and wheels/tires on, which from start to finish took seven days. :brickwall:
When my rear bogger and axle hit me in the door as it passed me going up a hill.
signature worthy! Permission to use that sir? too late, already did :D
Mine would be the day i purchased it. The dealer guy pulled up right in front of my TJ that i was trading in. He parked it so they were both face to face. I felt proud as i got in the cherokee but heartbroken as I stared at my TJ one last time.
Mine would be the day I realized that I had run a trail rated way beyond the supposed capabilities of my Jeep.

It was pitch black, I was alone and too far gone to turn back (the usual story of my Jeep life). So, knowing the general area and where I was trying to get to, I took what appeared to be a dried up riverbed. Soon after entering it got nasty ... REAL NASTY! The trail is called Can Opener and is basically a dry creek bed with a nasty trench and a shelf to climb out.

Most people run this with at least one locker, 6" lift and 35" tires. I did it on 31", open 3.07s and no spotter.

It was intense to say the least. Having gone back and looked at during daylight, It is a wonder I made it through at all.

Let's put it this way ... I won't run it again until I am locked and on bigger tires :rofl:

XJs boot anus!
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I went on some boring trail ride with a bunch of full-size guys once. I had this pile of an XJ I picked up. It wasn't stock, I'd cut the fenders and stuck some junkyard 31s on it. It also had some bojang 2.5" lift. Oh, and the swaybars got lost somewhere along the way.

Anyways, there was some little obstical on the trail. It was just a sidehill with wet logs on it, trees on the high side and a massive hole on the bottom side. I was last. A bunch of the fullsize guys drove it incorrectly and had to be winched out of the hole. One or two drove it mostly correctly, with the aid of a spotter and rear lockers, and made it through. Everyone had 33s or better (more were better), except me. I was asked 'Do you want to just hook up the winch now?' before I even tried it. I kinda laughed at the guy and said I'd rather see what happened first. He tried to spot me, I ignored him. Especially when he said 'Your rear is going to go in the hole'. With no backing up and just a little looking in my mirrors I snaked through it and neither hit a tree nor wound up in the hole.

All the full-size guys looked kinda lost.
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Most memorable....

I'd have to say it was here...

About a week after I had gotten it drivable with the new lift and axles
Nice vid:cheers:
My most memorable moment with the ol' Station Wagon was back in '05 on the last day of the B4W OHV event. Not too many people came out on that Sunday, and I had my VHS-C camera mounted on top of a TJ. There were very few larger rigs like Hummers left on the trails so an H1 joined us. Our group was all bob-tail Jeeps, my XJ, an older Land Rover & the H1, whose owner claimed he wanted to get stuck (to show us Jeep folk a thing or 2, I guess). He had no CB so the Jeep guys schemed to get him in a nasty mud hole. Note: My Cherokee was on 3" lift with 30" Revos. Here's the results of that run. The video pauses in the middle while the TJ driver went to adjust the zoom. Quality's poor because it's VHS-C, played back on my TV and captured off the TV screen with my digicam. But the results are very clear.

You Tube video
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Hummers:rofl: Nice vid
HA! HA! JEEPS RULE!!! :rock:
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