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my mud toy build up

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This is the build up of my 2001 Cherokee Sport.


When i first bought it a year ago:

The first modifcation i did was change the air filter. I think it needed it, don't ya?

After spending about $100 changing all the fluids, I HAD to do something about the rear being too low. I stuck some RC add a leaves in the rear:
(note: this is after saying i would go with RE long arms and nothing else)

Much Better...for now:

Of course with my luck and jeeps, i got vibes so a couple BIG NUTS and it I had that temporarily taken care of:

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And then some beefier arms from RC and Iron Man:

Next came the rear bumpstop mod to keep my springs from inverting from too much uptravel, and save my fenders. I used hockey pucks up front.

I needed some protection on the rail so I got some sliders for it:

Sometime after that I put on a custom snorkel to keep my filter dry. Water likes to make out with the stock filter.

and then slapped on some LTB's for the mud:

And this is how it stayed for a while:

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A little later I found a HP 30 at a good deal so I painted it and stuck that up front:

Then THIS showed up at my doorstep:

Yeah, long arms...

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Oh wait, the long arms went on before the HP 30 axle. Man, this is what happens when you do so many mods in just a few years. Who can keep track of all this stuff? :rofl:
I didn't like my shackle angles from the RC springs (vertical) so I slapped in some HD Offroadengineering shackle relocation brackets:

Much better angle and improved ride:

Next came the need for bigger meats so I found these wheels for cheap and cleaned em up:

And these showed up from Treadwright. 265/75/16's which are approx 32x10.5

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And this is the end product and how it's been for almost a year now:

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I got a few more things I would like to do to the rig:

Upgrade to Bilstein shocks.
Upgrade steering to Currie's
On-Board Air
Replace rear springs with quality lift springs
Return to black steelies and ditch the bling-ness.

That's should be about it because by the time all that is completed, I will have a wrangler to play with and it starts all over again. :)
awesome plan.

what on-board air kit you thinking about?

what leaf springs do you like using?
Not sure about the OBA. I haven't research it much. I'm gonna have to do a search in the forums to see what everyone's using and what's good out there.

I really want to use OME springs again. Something like their Medium duty 3" springs with the OME AAL's thrown in and 1" shackles. I hear clayton's springs are nice so I might consider those as well.
I have heard a lot of good things about the ViAir setup.
then that's where my research shall start. :thumbsup:
whoa :confused: you ran mtz's? i always liked the tread pattern but heard they dont last, what happened to them?
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