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Hey all.. i started out with this 1998 classic 4.0 Auto that I got pretty cheap.

It hadnt been maintained very well so she needed alotta TLC... tires were bald, front end was shot... so after a full tune up and fluid change it was time to start buying stuff :)

got sone good new (to me) tires

rebuilt the front drive shaft, threw in the locker, and axle tube seals...

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I got my 98 pretty cheap as well, about $24k. :rofl:

I was at 100k miles before I started replacing things.


HP30 axle u-joints
Wheel bearing assemblies
drive chain NP242 transfer case

I had the front in parts checked and everything was fine. I just had a popping noise in 4x4 low speed. Later I found out it was the drive chain, later being after I had changed out the axle u-joints and wheel bearings.

Since then I've made more changes but nothing really having to do with fixing the XJs ability to keep moving. ;)

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