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You already know that Napier Precision Products V2 Fender Flares look awesome but what makes our Flares so much higher quality?

V2 Fender Flare Features:
- Made from textured scratch resistant ABS thermoplastic. The same material as other brands use but significantly THICKER! (At least twice as thick as the BW knockoffs we've seen!) Higher quality and tougher at a competitive price.

- Extend out from the Jeep around 3.25" which is perfect to cover most common over sized tire/wheel setups that we run. Covers the tires but doesn't make your XJ as wide as a bus.

- Blend really well with the body lines of the Jeep Cherokee. We designed the V2 Flares on an XJ running 10.5"-12.5" wide tires with aftermarket wheels so they look nearly OEM.

- V2 Fender Flares optimize both the front and rear wheel well openings to allow for larger tires and maximum articulation off road. See the Install Guides linked on our website.

- Warranty: V2 Fender Flares aren't indestructible and while we don't have a formal written warranty, the V2 Flares get broken so seldom that we usually replace them at 50% off for verified previous customers.

Armor and other stuff
- V2 Fender Flares are available for XJs that have the lower rear quarter panel cut and folded up for increased ground clearance and departure angle. No one else makes fender flares for this modification!
- Rock Rails: Since V2 Flares don't wrap all the way down under the body it's a lot easier to mount rock rails.
- Snorkel info: Airflow snorkels, or any snorkel that mounts above the body line, will work with the V2 Fender Flares.
- Armor: During manufacturing, we can adjust the width of the fender flares to account for armor on the rear quarter panel. (Just let us know when placing your order!) The fender flares on the door & rear quarter panel line up a lot better and you don't have to do as much work to make them look perfect!

Plus, get 10% off. Towards the end of the checkout process on our website enter the code: CT10

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Hey Doug, I am looking at picking up a set of USED V2 pocket flares, The guy never installed them but dry fitted them on his XJ. But has since changed his mind and lost the security bit for the hardware. Do you offer a replacement bit, and if so, how much?

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