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Need 33 in tires

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Im in need of some decient tires...stocks look funny with 9 in lift if theres anyone whos got a set in lower michigan plz let me know....thanx
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9" of lift?!?!? Holy batballs Robin!
What are you running 8 inch lift with spacers? Good lord!!!
Good god that's alot o' lift! :eek:

Did you toss in a 2.5" body lift to get that high?

Oh come guys. Lol

Im thinkin craigslist is your friend. Welcome from mid-Michigan!
33's will look too small for that lift. You should just get crazy and do this. :eek:


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We took out front springs and installed rustys 9 in lengthened bottom link bars shortened tops then took the front springs (stock) and link bars from a donor we had and built brackets and "wish bone" to mount the rear axle now we have a four link cherokee which handles great but now we need the tires dont wanna go to axel busters just want pig clearance and yea ive checked craigs list and people either want a fortune if their good but most r garbage it was just a shot....
I also have an issue I posted earlier my dd is a 99 two door sport it misses only in drive when accelerating reverse dont do it I was directed to check my crank sensor to c if it was loose because it happened to them before but it was tight ,ive tried the tps,just out of curiousity proper fuel pressure in that modle (4.0) if any one could help itd b appreciated

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Sorry Bro, i saw 9" of lift and i honestly thought "April Fools"! :eek:

Moved to the Wanted Section for ya
35's or 37's are better sized for 9". 33's will be too small and look almost as funny looking as the stockers.
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