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I am hoping the infinite Cherokee knowledge of this forum could help me through a very frustrating time.

My wife's 2019 Cherokee Limited 2.0T (63k miles, 95% highway) has been at the dealership for 19 days!

I brought the vehicle in due to a Cyl 3 misfire code (rough idle, start/stop disabled, etc) P0303, P0344, P000B, P000A

(Before I brought the Cherokee in, I replaced both the exhaust and intake Camshaft position sensors. As well as all 4 spark plugs and cyl 3 coil)

After struggling with the dealer to get clear answers and technical information, I finally contacted FCA customer service and got a case manager involved. The case manger is helping, but the responsiveness is horrible.

After 15 days of being a single vehicle household, I was FINALLY able to complain enough that FCA honored a $45/day rental reimbursement (less than half the cost btw)

Latest word from the dealer was that they replaced the Cylinder 3 fuel injector and seals, and the misfire persists. They also advised that all other diagnostics (compression leak down <10%) came back within spec.

So now they want to tear down the top end and look for "burnt valves" in cylinder 3. Quoting north of $5k for the work, on top of the $2k accumulated so far.

My worry is that the case manger is going to come back and deny any sort of warranty coverage.

Any insight on how to escalate if/when that occurs?

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