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Need Tires

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In need of tires anyone got some laying around they would like to sell?
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First off: Hi, and welcome to the forums. Lets get you started off here at CherokeeTalk on the right foot. Im gonna need ya to do a couple things ta getcha settled here, so go on over to the New Member Intro Forum, and create a thread and say hello to the good members here. Don't worry, we don't bite too bad...
Then, when you get to 25 posts here, you can post in the classifieds forum, where this thread belongs. If you're real lucky, maybe a nice Mod will move it there for ya and bend the rules a little, but if not, make yourself at home and get your 25 posts.

The last thing I suggest is that you use the search function. Many of the topics brought up have already been discussed, or at least the older thread may help point you in the right direction and give you a better idea on what you are looking for. Don't take any of this too badly, its meant to be helpful, not nasty. We're a friendly bunch, and plenty of us will say hello, so get on over to the New Member Intro Forum, and I'll see ya there!
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Typical superman. :rofl: so i'll just wait for the intro thread then? :dunno: :hi:
Moved it to Wanted section
Moved it to Wanted section
Moved to the...

Oh, nevermind!
To the OP...

You generally need 25 posts to in the Wanted Section. Now you'll have to hurry up and make a few more posts! :p

Craigslist is your friend.
To the OP, see that link at the top half of the screen that says, "quick links", click on that and then click on "today's post", you'll see some random threads from today that you can start posting on to get you those 25 posts. BTW don't forget about the "SEARCH" link, it's your friend.

Peace and Welcome to the forum.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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