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Hello all. My name is Ray..I live in western PA..I bought a 98XJ thinking I was going to scrap it. The prior owner was a 17 year old kid... he spun it around on a snow covered road and put it in a ditch both front.. then spun around and hit the back hard enough to break the center pins in the leaf springs and cocked the rear axle back. So it needed a new grill and front drivers fender...a drivers door...a patch for some rust beside/ under the fuel door. It also needed both inner and outer rockers on both sides. Surprisingly... other than that.. the body and unibody/ frame and floors were solid and still had the original paint with zero rust.
It did start and run as it should... 161k miles.. New exhaust front to rear...but without being able to drive it... and to look at it the rockers were gone... so I bought it for $275. I then forgot about it for a while until I needed another vehicle...I went out and took a second look at it and decided if "all it needed" was New center pins and some rockers welded in... it should be easy:rolleyes:
I spent the next few weeks lying in the rain and snow cutting all the rust out and welding new steel in... and I just yesterday got it registered and took it for a ride. There's a few issues... my main issue is the only window that works is the drivers. The others won't move with the drivers switch or the individual switches... while troubleshooting this issue I found another issue... the yellow wire in the harness under the kick panel was cut in half. I thought this was the cause of my problems so I repaired that wire... still no windows... and now the radio and windshield wipers are staying powered even with the key out... makes me think it was cut on purpose.

Anyways... I'm mostly into wrenching on bikes.. welding and fabricating
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...I guess now I'll be wrenching on a jeep.
If anyone has a clue what my electrical issues are... please let me know.
Looking forward to meeting all of you and hopefully I'll be able to contribute
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