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November 2017 Modified Cherokee of the Month

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We are now accepting entries into Modified Cherokee Of The Month.

Provide us with some pictures of your Jeep and as much information as you can. We will add the poll after we have received (5) entries.


Jeep Of The Month Rules for the Modified Category:

* To qualify for modified class Jeeps must have 2.5" or more lift and 31" or Bigger tires.

* Mods will announce and open up a new thread for submissions each month

* Must be an active member of CT to participate

* Must include a minimum of 2 photos and a maximum of 5 photos and info as listed below

* Entries will be accepted until the 21st.

* Entries may be closed early if there are too many entries for the current month

* There will be a maximum of five (5) entries to be voted on per month

* Mods will open up a poll so that members may vote for their favorite Jeep

* Winners to be announced on the 1st of the following month

* Any Jeep not selected as a winner is free to enter again in following months.

* In case of a tie the moderators will decide the winner.

* Rules may be changed, modified, added or removed as deemed necessary by the moderators of this forum

* Winners must wait 1 year from date of winning before entering again

*The winners of each year will be put into a COTY (the year) poll- At mods discretion

Mods will choose up to five (5) Jeeps of those nominated below to be voted on by board members

To nominate a Jeep, please supply the following information:

* Year:

* Model:

* Engine:

* Mods/Custom Stuff:

* Other Info:

* Photos:

Good Luck!
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Bout time. Lol congrats 93
Indeed. Thanks
Congratulations Chris!!

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Congratulations 93_Cherokee! It was a close race.
Thanks guys. Its 17 degrees outside where im at. I feel for all you guys getting snow
I got to drive in freezing fog this morning in my work truck.
Congrats 93_Cherokee! 73 degrees here today. 3 days ago we had 3 inches of snow on the ground. (That's a whole lot for South Mississippi and Louisiana)
61 - 68 of 68 Posts
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