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man...girls are so there a reason for her to get mad about this?..

she said...i love you so much and im sure we are destiny...

i said...i love you too and im sure too..but only time will tell...

she got furious...:devil:
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im 19...and im been honest..yet sweet...i mean i know i want to be with her...but she is very rebel in a lot of things...and...only time will i suposte to know that in 1 year im marrying her?..idk dude..that happens..i feel that way...but i feel im to young

But you aren't supposed to say it. Just let her go on her way thinking everything is wonderful and all 'ment to be' and BS. Neither break her down nor build her up, both lead to trouble. Just become as non-commental and non-commiting as possible. The best answer for what happened (at least, as I see it) was to say the 'I love you too' and then change the topic, and change it to something she likes (shoes, clothes, celebrity gossip, or whatever the hell she's into). The point is, say as little as you can and then change the damn topic before she goes fishing for more!

At least, that's how I'd have handled it.
and then you marry someone who you cant tell shit because she will bitch at you?..then lowering sex fun to nothing...or things like thanks..i want a girl that can be/and accept not anyone doggy to just say what she wants to hear...

Once you're married you can let the beer gut drop and not worry about things. She's stuck with you then. Unless of course, you're financially better off than she is. In which case she might take all your money.

I think I said I was cynical in my introduction post. ;)
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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