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I own a 2006 chevy cobalt LT 2 door

2.2L Ecotec engine, 4speed auto, power everything, corvett yellow, black interior, front ss/sc bumper with fog lights, Pirelli tires, K&N drop in, braided stainless steel brake lines, ss/sc springs, dont remember what else

its a great economy car, and real fun to drive,, it has about 150hp, so its got a lil pep, not like the ss/sc one that has 205hp nor the new ss/tc that has 260hp

it a great lil car

Ill find a pic, and post it up

I also used to drive my dad's Explorer, I put in a custom exahust, and intake, and Hypertech computer module to stage 4.. that thing was a beast,, then I got a speeding ticket, and my dad had it put back to stock, he still kept the exahust and intake

I also drived for about a month my uncles 1986 Porsche 928

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I also have a 2003 VW Beetle Turbo (wifes car)

K&N Intake
Aftermarket Blow off Valve on turbo (mostly for show)
Aftermarket suspension, lowered 2"
18" Black BSA Motorsport Rims
Low Pro. performance tires

Here's a pic......notice my Jeep in the reflection :D


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first car

mazda mx6
then 2007 impreza
then 94 cherokee
then 92 pick up
now 99 xj

and now...for dd a dodge neon which is not mine :D

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First car white volvo station wagon
Second car 06 corolla (very nice car for an inexpensive commuter)
dont people ask you the same thing they ask me?

how did you end in this old jeep from a 2007 impreza?
in your case corolla?

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We also have a 2002 mercury Sable.

Not ours, but its the same thing minus the fog lights.

We have had it about 5 months. I hate it. Last week we started having problems with it.
I had to replace the positive battery cable lead. I made a new one from 4 ga.
The valve cover gasket is leaking large amounts of oil onto one of the cats.
It idles up high when you are stopped and turn the wheel in any direction which causes it to dart forward unless you have the brake firmly planted.
It idles erratically and almost stalls out continuously.

Its a pain in the ass to work on. To replace the plugs you have to remove the upper intake manifold. In order to replace the oil pan gasket you have to remove the exhaust. It seems like there is no easy wrenching on it.

Pretty comfy, rides smoother then the XJ and can fit the whole family well. I wouldnt buy another one though.

But I still cant wait to get my WJ back on the road! :D

'02 Mercury Sable
'99 Grand Cherokee
'95 Cherokee

'00 Triumph TT 600
'01 Suzuki GSX-R 600 (2)
'89 Chevy S-10 with a SB350/TH350
'93 Pontiac Firebird
'90 CRX Si with JDM ZC swap
'89 Ford Escort GL
'93 Pontiac Grand Prix
'95 Ford Explorer
'01 Ford Escort ZX2

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Lol, Cars iv'e owned in order:

1. 83' Chevy K-10 Blazer (first car)
2. 86' Toyota Pickup
3. 95' Dodge neon (crashed, but not totaled)
4. 87' Dodge D-50 Pickup (totaled)
5. 81' Ford Mustang
6. 90' Jeep Cherokee
7. 91' Mitsubishi Mighty Max Pickup
8. 89' Jeep Wrangler
9. 95' Jeep Grand Cherokee
10. 06' Kawasaki Ninja250 (for gas mileage)
11. 99' Jeep Cherokee
12. 03' VW Beetle

And i'm only 22.....i'm sooo done.....:rofl::rofl:

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Heres My other car, it is a 1993 Toyota Celica GT with a 5spd. Mods Include full interior Roll cage, Fuel Cell, Custom Vinyl lettering and rattlecan touchup, 14" Black Steel Wheels Hood pins amd custom bodywork *lol*

Now I have had alot of ppl say they wanted proof it was mine so right now this is best I can do
My ugly ass working on it

L13 on the back window of MY Cherokee

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Over the years I have owned way too many to list, but my favorites have been the current XJ of course,

84 Ranger 4x4
76 Dodge Ram 4x4
81 Camaro Z28
67 Nova SS

Currently my wife's DD is an '08 Acadia ... blang thang :rofl:

A great vehicle, but a little under-powered in my opinion. Has some awesome sports suspension though - handles like a low slung car. The all wheel drive is awesome too. Beat the hell out of my Jeep in road-snow. Sits kinda low though, so taking it camping and what not is an exorcise in finding the smoothest possible path to the camp site :rofl:

First pic has the arse-end of my youngest son's ZJ :D


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As of right now, I own:

the 87 XJ
95 lincoln Towncar (DD)
90 GMC extended cab 4x4
91 Ford Tempo (4 sale)
I also have parked in the garage a 1987 Dodge 250 2 wheel drive pickup. It belonged to my grandfather.

My first vehicle was a 67 chevy 2wd longbed. Called it the smurftank cause it was blue and tough as nails. I've had way too many vehicles to count, quit counting at 78. And that was 6 years ago lol. (Got the tradin itch right now... anybody got any good trades? lol)

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[email protected]!!!! Anoughter lil 4cyl FWD car for sale on here that is to far away!!!! And as odd as it sounds them Tempo's are damn good race cars

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As of now mine is the Jeep. We just had to buy a "new" car for my wife. Her '97 Sable just crapped out on us. 185,000 miles so it wasn't THAT unexpected. She now has a '04Taurus SES.

Cars I've owned in order,

1968 SS Chevelle 396
1976 Pinto Stallion
1978 Econoline van (sin bin)
1973 Formula Firebird
1979 Sunbird
1980 Cutlass Calais
1982 Toyota SR5 pickup
19?? Triumph TR7
1985 Plymouth Horizon (fun little car)
1989 Tempo
1996 Dakota
1997 Sable
2000 Jeep Cherokee
2004 Taurus


1977 KH400 triple (would EAT 750's for lunch!)
1978 Suzuki GS750
1979 Honda CBX ( not enough "O's" in smooth to describe it.)
1979 XR185
1980 CB900C
1981 GPz550
2007 Polaris Hawkeye

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1973 Pontiac Ventura, 250 six replaced it with a 327 V8 - Totaled
1972 Chevy Nova 327, 327, 350 - Sold it.
1980 Chevy Scottsdale LWB Pickup - Sold it.
1983 Chevy Silverado 4x4 SWB Pickup - Traded for the "Z"
1982 Z28 with "T" tops - Repo'd
1986 Honda Civic - Married with Children - Ex-wife got it.
1983 Mercury Coogar - Traded in for Mini van
1995 Ford AeroStar - 5 kids needed a bus - Totaled by step son
1989 Ford F150 Extended cab - Traded in (first vehicle to go over 100k miles)
1994 Ford F150 Extended cab - Loved the F150's - Traded for the Jeep.
1996 Ford Mustang - Current Vechicle (Wife)
1998 Jeep Cherokee - Current Vechicle (Me)
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