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Overdrive Solenoid and Torque Converter Clutch failure

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So I had a CEL show up the otherday. I didnt really think twice about it because I thought it was from a misfire. I usually get one every now and then when the battery has slowly drained over a few weeks to the point of barely starting the car. It'll chug for a few minutes but once warm it levels out and runs fine. This CEL showed up while I was warming up the car, and charging the main battery with the alternator. I WAS NOT IN MOTION. I WAS PARKED.

Well I drove it to Montrose today, and noticed I didn't have 4th/overdrive, but it also seems to not have 1st as well. There is no pick up and go, just slowly gets up to speed. It drove like it was in a limp mode of some sort. I should also mention that Reverse is just fine as well.

I played around with the O/D button, and trying to coax the trans into shifting down to forth. no luck. Other than a bit higher MPG and higher trans temp, It really wasnt a problem. Once I got to a gas station, I checked the fluid and it did smell burnt, but not like burnt oil. It was more of an electrical/plastic burnt smell.

I stopped at the local Vatozone, and had them look at the check engine light cause: two things came up from the reader:

1.) Torque Converter Clutch malfunction (solenoid maybe? I dont recall exactly which one)
2.) 3-4 Solenoid failure

I have not heard of either of these, and am educating myself via the FSM currently. I thought I would ask y'all for some advice.

What am I looking at with the torque converter. As I said, I have second and third, and it seems to shift between the two just fine. If the converter clutch was bad, wouldn't the car be undriveable at highway speeds?
Second, is the OD solenoid in the valve body, on the outside of the case, or in the OD unit itself? the FSM is not clear on this
For now, its not an issue, but in a month I will be hauling some axles about 1400 miles, and although OD is not an issue; I may need 1st going over some passes with the extra weight.

I have a month to fix it, and need to get on this quickly.


Below are a few clips from the troubleshooting guide in the FSM:


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One last thing before putting this thread to rest for the inter-webs archive: at least for the 90's ZJ(most likely the early aughts XJ and other associated JEEP 'RE' transmissions GC through 04) ALL of the wiring harnesses are the same color coding for the 42re & 44re's. FYI

If you have something other than a JEEP version of the 42/44re, your color coding will be slightly different.

I'm sorry to dig this old thread out of slumber but I desperately need help with an 04 WJ I have that NO ONE can seem to decipher for me.

I put an 02 GC/4.0/4×4 transmission in my 04 GC/4.0/4×4 and did not have 4th or overdrive. Which was odd because it worked perfectly when that transmission was in the 02. I checked the transmission shift solenoid (8 pin plug into top of valve body) and they are different color pin outs between the 02 and 04.

The 02 matches what's found online, the pinout list is pictured here

my 04 however does not match that diagram at all.

Does anyone have one for an 04 so I can figure out how to change the pin outs to make this transmission work?

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