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Overland/bug out plan

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Welp it’s time to make a decision what to do with my new 25 year old Cherokee xj.
first and foremost it will remain a daily driver. So any mods will be made with durability dependability and function as top priority. Next budget I’m going to try to keep it under 4K lift,lockers,tires are the major expenses I’m not including brakes and fuel pump as I consider those maintenance not upgrades. Ultimately I’ll be Equipping it with extended camping off grid living equip I.e. solar roof tent water storage refridgeration and gear storage. This latter part will eat funds faster than mechanical upgrades. So 3” lift 31x10.50s tires and I haven’t decided what type of lockers leaning toward an e- lockers. So by the end of summer 2022 ii should have it built.
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That jeep in the vid has a V6 actually...he's a member here. @4.3L XJ

Sounds like you have a solid plan in mind. If you are worried about the clanging/banging of a lunchbox locker (they don't all make a ton of noise), your smoother option is the Eaton TruTrac. I love mine.
While I admit JandDGreens has a point, having at least one locker can get you into, and out of, many places where open diffs will either get you hung up or broken. I started with a front locker and was thrilled at how it would pull me up an obstacle. Of course much of this depends on where you are located and planning on wheeling. Terrain will make a difference. Gravel roads, muddy forest roads, or slippery wooded hilly trails, maybe slickrock of the west?
I know Ohio, I grew up in NE OH. You should head east to Southington for a weekend sometime. Or south to Wellsville. Either will be a great experience for you and your jeep.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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