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I tried to post on this forum the other day. But I couldn’t. So if I am not allowed to then please delete this.

If not I am in search for parts to swap my 95 auto to a manual transmission.

Looking for a clutch pedal assembly and a brake pedal.

And a front and read drive shaft.

And any thing else anyone may have.

Thanks in advance
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Have you tried Davey's Jeeps in Ohio? Email em and see what they got.
I am slowly buying stuff and stock piling it.

also I want to ask on this page too because some of the guys have been so helpful that maybe both of us can get some help. Me parts and them some $$$$$

also when I get into this I will have some parts for sale.

and I am soft hearted too.

I never ask for much. Like transmissions. I hate the fact that on eBay people are pulling transmissions and selling the without the bells housings

when I sell stuff I cannot do this. I will sell my transmission bell housing the converter thing coolant hoses dip stick all of it as a unit for only a couple houndred. Why separate it all and make other people have to look all over the place for every single piece. I just sell it as a unit unless someone wants a certain piece
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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