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people who suck at parking..

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so i was walking out to my jeep tonight and this lady in a grand am parked over the line so close to me that i had to open my door and press it up against her car and slide through. it wasnt a crappy car was almost like new so i kind of felt bad having to do that but what else was i suppose to do. i left a nice line of dirt where the door was :D and someone needs to close my passengers side door from the outside because it sags. whatever, people really need to learn to park.

that is all
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I dont think I want to post on a public forum what I did to the last person that parked that close to me and over the lines.

The person before that, I will...

I was parked in the second spot in the line. I pulled in forward. The person parked over the line and left about 2-3 inches between us. I tried very hard to get my drivers side door open enough to squeeze through. I couldnt, so I climbed in through the passenger door.
I then pulled around to their drivers side door and parked where there was not a space. Since they were in the first spot of the row there was none. I parked close enough that I almost need a ground guide for safety. I wrote them a note thanking them for parking so close to my door and let them know that I was soo excited that I just had to return the favor. I also drew a small diagram of parking spaces. The first was an XX between two lines, the second was an line and then an x with a line through it and a circle around it with a cross. I stuck it under the windshield wiper. I sat in the XJ and waited.

When I seen someone approaching the car I got out and started heading into the store. As the guy screamed at me I started signing to him. He screamed at me, "Are you deaf!?" I shook my head yes, and signed some more to him. He continued to scream at the top of his lungs and I continued to shrug my shoulders and smile. I pointed to his windshield and mimicked writing a note. I walked away. As I did, I could hear him screaming for me to move my car. I popped inside the store and watched him try to carefully squeeze into his. No go. He had to go through the passenger side as well. Im sure he was cussing the whole time.

Ive also wrangled up every loose buggy that I could find and parked them in loops around the offending cars.

Please dont be the one that parks like an asshole, Im not sure how my XJ will react to having its personal space invaded. Im sure it acts much like its owner though.

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