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people who suck at parking..

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so i was walking out to my jeep tonight and this lady in a grand am parked over the line so close to me that i had to open my door and press it up against her car and slide through. it wasnt a crappy car was almost like new so i kind of felt bad having to do that but what else was i suppose to do. i left a nice line of dirt where the door was :D and someone needs to close my passengers side door from the outside because it sags. whatever, people really need to learn to park.

that is all
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Ohhhh that irks me in a bad way - the shopping cart thing. There's never a corral more than 50 feet away, and yet people leave their carts in parking spots, up against people's cars, in the mulch, next to the light pole... drives me f***ing crazy. I always return my cart, and if there's three or four carts between me and the corral, I grab those too and put them away. People look at me funny because I actually exert an ounce of energy and it makes them look all the more lazy and worthless.
x2 my gf always asked me why i grabbed someone elses cart l:brickwall:
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