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Just did a little trip up there to bang off an inspection. It was a total disaster, or what we call 'buisness as usual'. Anyways, I actually thought to take my camera and pictures this time, so here's some...

Pulled over at Dease Lake, because I needed to stretch my legs.

It was all frosty, you can see it on the rails... Winter is almost here.

Back on the road, near Huston I think. Yeah, it's a REALLY busy road.

Hmm, snow ahead...

Somewhere past Kitwanga, stopped to stretch again...

Old FSR I was dying to take a drive down.

Downtown Stewart

Drove over to Alaska (Hyder) because I was bored, nice little pond near the bear feeding grounds.

This area is a tourist attraction, the bears feed on the running salmon, and people pay big bucks to watch from relative safety. The fish are done, and the bears are about to go to sleep, so all is quiet.

The Pacific

We drove the truck out on this rotten old pier. We took bets on if a 1-ton would break it or not... Well, the truck didn't wind up in the drink...


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The next day we drove/flew to this place... Atco-vill, your home in the middle of nowhere! No snow yet, and the weather was still nice!

Of course, we got there at noonish and the machine was still going to fly for the rest of the day... And away it goes.

Apparently they felt there was a need to have an aluminum boat in the mountains :p

Quantum was flying in fuel with a 205, so I took some pics (being bored)

So, we worked through the night, and got this baby peachy to go. Notice, there is now snow. It rained for the first 3 hours, then it snowed like mad... It's above freezing, so you can't tell we actually had 8" of snow-fall.

Good-bye snowy camp.

I didn't take any pictures on the way back. We were just trying to GTFO before we got conned into doing anything else.
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