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portable heater for xj?

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is there any out there? i dont think i can get my heater, thats trying to poison me, fixed until after xmas. been driving like ace ventura the past 3 days when the windows fog up. im looking for a heater that can be plugged in and do a good job raising the temperature at least 1 degree. :)
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Plugged in? Like to 110V power? There's a great little product out there called a 'buddy heater'. Basically just a little electirc heater with a fan, no thermostat or anything fancy. Now, if you want one for use while driving you just need a suitable inverter.

They're cheap. Lots of guys 'up north' have one in the cab, and they plug it in when they plug in the block heater. Then it's decently warm when you get in...
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