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Finally decided to start a build thread, though its gona be slow one as my budget permits. I'm working with a '95 Cherokee 4.0L with the ax-15. I already got a few things done, though they're all cosmetic really, including a light bar, front bumper, etc. I do have parts on standby that will eventually go into this jeep.... as soon as I get them out of my old one: axles, the lift that's in the old one temporarily til I can afford something good. Once I do a lift, I have some 32's that I would love to put on my jeep.

My main goal atm is to fix any maintenance issues, right now I have a cracked manifold due to bad motor mounts. I already placed an order with iron man andy to get some bomb proof mounts. They actually should have shipped today. I'm going to pull the old manifold off the other jeep since its been welded and has held up for well over 10k since.

I have a second electric fan from the old jeep also that will also be used on the new. Its the older 6 blade style where as the one I have in my new jeep is the 10 blade. I will move the 10 blade over and hook it up to a hayden thermostatic controller, and in turn I will remove all the ac components and a few non necessary pulleys as well. This will help save on weight and rotational mass.
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I also got a deal on some kicker 8 ohm 12" comps, that I couldn't pass on. So I picked those up a few days ago and went to work installing them. The end result is fantastic, it looks clean and sounds clean. I used my pyle 2300 watt amp to power them and I can tell you that when I turn up the power, those speakers will BOOM!!! I don't remember who said that pyle was garbage, but Im here to say that they are wrong, after tuning the amp to filter out the mid and high notes it sounds great and puts out plenty of power. With the amp powered down for the break in, the subs are still great.

I had to replace the rear speakers as they were factory and who would a guessed it, they were blown. Put 6.5" sony xplods in place of the factory. Sounds much better now.

Oh and DJM, every ones gota put some bump in their ride!
I will upload pics when the app let's me, it keeps crashing when I try. Some of them are old, some new, but hopefully I can get some pics of me having fun with this beast!


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....... the app hates me apparently, cause those pictures didn't show up in the upload. Oh well, there you have it then, some of the work I have done so far. All the wires for the amp were ran under the door trim on either side of the jeep. The amp was then mounted to the back of the box.
Got some good stuff from Ironman Andy on Thursday.

So today I decided to install these engines mounts today since its sunny and 50 out. What a beautiful day its been in NY, it almost feels like summer! Lol

Vehicle Auto part

The driver side

Auto part Fuel line Engine Hose Vehicle

And the passenger side.

It went pretty smoothly until I got to the driver side, it was necessary to grind down the mount bracket a little because there were some areas that interfered with the mount sliding into place. Sorry no pics of this, I just wanted to get it done. Glad I did it though because the driver side mount was falling apart.

After I installed them I had to start up my jeep to see how well they would hold..... who wouldn't want to know? Anyway, before I had some noticable vibration after startup that might go away after the engine warmed up. Now its gone and I have a nice smooth idle, and when I hit the gas, you can see the body roll with the engine because of the torque transfer. These mounts are SOLID!!!!


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I still have a cracked manifold though :/ and to solve this I was going to use the one from my wrecked jeep until I pulled it off today. I noticed right away that it was cracked due to oil seeping through the crack. The oil got there when the jeep was sitting on its side from the wreck. That's unfortunate, so I ordered an actual header from flebay and it will be here sometime next week. There's my next weekends project. And thank god for air tools, I have an old snap-on impact, wasn't sure if it worked or not. So I used it today and it worked great!
Automotive exhaust Auto part Exhaust manifold Muffler Exhaust system

Had this sitting on my porch when I got home from work, I'll probably get this in tomorrow or Thursday!
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Someone just left it on your porch?!?! You should send that to me right away! I will take care of it for you, no worries! lol. Looks sweet. Can't wait to see it installed.
Someone just left it on your porch?!?! You should send that to me right away! I will take care of it for you, no worries! lol. Looks sweet. Can't wait to see it installed.
Lmao! I wish, it woulda been a little easier on my wallet that way!

But hopefully it holds up/keeps the polished look for a few years, that would be sweet. I'll take some pics and post when I have a chance
I need one of those too! Is that an APN? Where did you order it from?
I need one of those too! Is that an APN? Where did you order it from?
I bought it on fleabay from dmc performance. Only cost 150 after tax, ny has some new law.... but it looks pretty solid and I can't wait to get it on there. Also included is a new donut gasket and intake/exhaust gasket.
Awesome, thanks. It looks really good! Did it come with any gaskets?

oh... LOL, Thanks xjsuperman..
See above post
So today was a good day………

Auto part Automotive engine part Carburetor Fuel line

Auto part Engine Automotive engine part Machine Vehicle

Auto part Engine Vehicle Car

Engine Auto part Vehicle Car Automotive engine part

Engine Vehicle Car Auto part Automotive super charger part

Okay, I guess it was a great day. Got my header in, and in the process I cleaned a ton of grime from the engine and the intake and tb. I didn't really grab after pics of the latter two, but they are much cleaner than what you see. That's an after pic of the engine block, and probably 100% better tha what it was. I got tired of smelling burning oil every time I came to a stop
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So now that j have that done, guess my next step will be to get a lift kit or finish the rest of my exhaust.... I'm still thinking the RC 4.5" LA kit, but I've heard from a few members that the leaf packs are too short??? That can be remedied with a shackle relocation though can't it?
It can be remedied with a shackle relocation, but it would be best to get good springs in the first place. Just my 2 cents!

btw, Did you notice any more power/sound from that new header?
I haven't romped on it yet to botice any power, but I have noticed more noise from the hole in my muffler, lol. As far as the springs go, id be buying them in a kit, so it seems like you're saying to just go with a different kit... if I could mix and match parts without breaking the bank id do that, but some of these companies want an insane amount of money for their product
True.. Rc is great when on a budget. Honestly, if you dont mind skipping the long arms you could go with a Zone 4.5in kit. It shouldn't ride half bad.
I'm curious, since I've had that bad crack (and it was pretty bad) l, should I reset the computer now bc I have it fixed? How often does the system collect data to readjust the fuel?
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