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Project Apache

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Finally decided to start a build thread, though its gona be slow one as my budget permits. I'm working with a '95 Cherokee 4.0L with the ax-15. I already got a few things done, though they're all cosmetic really, including a light bar, front bumper, etc. I do have parts on standby that will eventually go into this jeep.... as soon as I get them out of my old one: axles, the lift that's in the old one temporarily til I can afford something good. Once I do a lift, I have some 32's that I would love to put on my jeep.

My main goal atm is to fix any maintenance issues, right now I have a cracked manifold due to bad motor mounts. I already placed an order with iron man andy to get some bomb proof mounts. They actually should have shipped today. I'm going to pull the old manifold off the other jeep since its been welded and has held up for well over 10k since.

I have a second electric fan from the old jeep also that will also be used on the new. Its the older 6 blade style where as the one I have in my new jeep is the 10 blade. I will move the 10 blade over and hook it up to a hayden thermostatic controller, and in turn I will remove all the ac components and a few non necessary pulleys as well. This will help save on weight and rotational mass.
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I've been told touch the cables together.
Did you really mean thus, or this? Lmao
I would like to know how to do the Prius mod :rofl: thats damn good man :thumbsup:


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If you're diligent probably 3-4 days.
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