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Pull to the right......

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I have a pull to the right. When i'm on the freeway, i have to hold the steering wheel to the left a little to keep it straight. If i let go, it goes right, not suddenly, but fast enough to not be normal. When i brake, it pulls hard to the right. When i let go of the brake from a stop, the steering wheel goes back to center (jeep not moving). Does this sound like calipers?

I measured my wheelbase on both sides, although not entirely accurate to the 16th of an inch, the passenger side is 1/4" shorter than the driver's side. I dunno if this will cause the pull or not.

What makes me think it's not the calipers that's making pull to the right is when i touch the hub or rotors, they aren't that hot. I figured they would be really hot if the caliper was dragging.
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Its a common thing, how old are your calipers/pads? Might be a good time to replace them.
Ya its a rather common thing, I would do the calipers.
Bleed it again, start from the rear right, then rear left, then front right, then front left.
That's what i did. I even fabbed up this nifty bleeder bottle that works like a charm. I'll do it again tmw. I'm due for sleep 4 hours ago.
What you have is a bubble in your system:cheers:
That's a fact...well WAS a fact. I bled them again, the old fashioned way and they work perfect now. Still got the annoying pull to the right though. Screw it.....
Well then im stumped, thats all I got.
Yeah me too. My friend with a 2001 has the same pull to the right. he has a 2" bb lift on his.

gotta be axle placement or something....
My guess, I have the same problem only I think its a lot less noticeable then what you are describing.
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