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Rear Brakes occasionally Lock Up

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Alright this just started yesterday while out on a muddy trail and then continued intermittent the rest of the day. While even lightly applying the brake pedal the rear tires suddenly lock up and slide to a stop. This continued for the rest of the day around town and on my way home (a 90mi trip). I checked to see if any brake lines were crimped or the E-brake cable was jammed tight from a rock or unknown damage. All looks good however. It's weird and nerve racking, most of the time the brakes work fine, then all of a sudden, the rear tires are screeching to a halt. All I can really think of is the brake proportioner valve. Also the truck recently got out of the shop for gear swaps to 4.1 and a TrueTrac in the rear (Chrysler 8.25). However it was fine for the first couple of days, so not sure that it is something they did. I haven't yet pulled the drums do to lack of time but don't hear any bad noises so far. Thanks for any ideas.
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I wonder if you are having issues with your locker if your drums are clean and operating properly.
Pull the drums and clean em out. It should be one the first things you do after a muddy trail ride. Mud and crap gets in there and wrecks havoc.
im sure its mud and crud in there, but when it rained or got really humid my brakes would lock up as well, the pads seemed fine, but i replaced them anyways and the problem went away.
My rear brakes always act up in humid or wet weather for the first couple of times that I apply the brakes. Then once they're dry and warmer they work fine.

I would do as Mudd said and pull the drums, use brakeclean to clean them out and then go for a spin.
Well I am away from home right now for work, but I hope to have time next week when I get back to pull both drums and see what it looks like.

I am from Phoenix, AZ so I don't know that the weather had much to do with it. No rain or cold weather for a couple of weeks. Plus I had already been driving for a few hours both in town and on the highway, so everything was pretty warmed up. The trail was slick from mud, but not very deep, so I don't know that I got that much if any up in and around the drum. Looked pretty clean when I looked underneath for any possible line damage that could have been causing it. Plus I have been in much deeper mud for much longer periods in the past with no problems.

Don't know hopefully I will find out when I pull the drums.
you may have a axle seal or wheel cylinder leak...when the brake lining gets oily it will swell a bit and cause irratic braking...check your brake fluid asap..if it is low then there ya go....if you dont check and it is low...and contiues to go lower and you dont know can guess what will happen next.
hey your brakes are probably adjusted too tight back off the adjuster wheel like 2 or 3 turns and try it out. i just had the same problem after i adjusted the brakes. scared the crap outta me when i first came to a stop. got the neighbors attention. damn neighbors!!
When was the last time you put a spring kit in the rears? Often weak return springs will keep the shoes from fully retracting and they over heat and crack down the middle and will cause your problem.
When was the last time you put a spring kit in the rears? Often weak return springs will keep the shoes from fully retracting and they over heat and crack down the middle and will cause your problem.
That would make sense.....brakes not retracting and getting heated up and then fusing to the drum causing the brake to lock up.
My brakes lock up the day after it rains, it snows, or I wash it. If I stop very slowly and carefully a few times it will go away. While I am doing the careful stops after it has stopped very quickly and shook; I can feel a very slight thud, thud, thud until I reach a complete stop. It gets better every stop until it is gone and works fine until the day after they get wet again. I can't tell if it is in the front or rear. Rear brakes have 14k on them. Front brakes have 20K. Any ideas as where to start.
Hello welcome to the forum. rust developing on the rotors will cause the lockup until you get all the rust polished off the rotors. What brand brakes and rotors did you install? are they semi-metallic pads? were they "bedded in"?
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