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Rugged Ridge is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of Jeep parts and accessories, build to exude the legendary looks and brutally epic strength of these vehicles. Heavy-duty custom wheels they offer are no exception - being one of the most popular Jeep wheels on the market today they feature revolutionary design, exquisite style, and extremely durable steel construction.

All Rugged Ridge wheels have been independently tested and certified to meet/exceed SAE J2530 standards for wheel strength and durability. Ready to withstand any extreme off-road abuse they are guaranteed to give your Jeep the competitive edge over other off-road vehicles.

Bring the look of your Jeep Cherokee to a whole new level with Rugged Ridge Products or Wheels and get some money back into your pockets! Purchase qualifying Rugged Ridge Wheels or Wheel Accessories and get up to $400 Cash Back. This rebate offer is good through October 31, 2019.

Rugged Ridge™ | Jeep Accessories & Off-Road Parts -

Navigate to this page for all Rugged Ridge Parts for Jeep Cherokee.

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Check out this page if you're also looking for matching Jeep Cherokee tires.

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