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Hey everyone. Hope all are doing well in this crazy world we are living in. I purchased new decals for my 99 doors and quarters. The Cherokee classic and 4x4 ones. They are stock white and I want to go with the black ones I bought. Has anyone removed the old ones? Are they painted on? Decals? I want to take them off in the best way. Any advice greatly appreciated.
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They are badging or decals?
I always thought they were badging.
There is a difference.
So assuming I am right they are double sided taped on.
If I were to do this here is what I would try first.
I would buy this:

Should come with a little "oiler spout".
I would dribble it on top of the badging.
Hoping it would do its job. Loosen up everything enough to help separate it from the body.
Help it along if necessary using the fishing line/dental floss trick.
While the letters on new badging are put on in one piece thinking they will come off individually.
The word Cherokee and the 4X4 ones.
The word Classic looks like some of the letters are connected together though.

Notice how the last "C" in Classic looks separate.
Couple tips on the 3M stuff.
While it is pricey a little goes a long way. So don't douse the badging. Dribble it on sparingly.
Give it a couple seconds to start "working".
It is nice cause it does not evaporate quickly.
Believe me when I tell you that you will find lots of other uses for the stuff down the road.
So IMO it is worth the investment.
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