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Replacing the fuel filter on Renix Xj's is pretty easy and straight forward but for those of you who are not too confident as a mechanic yet. I have made a write up as simplistic as possible.

This is your Fuel filter it is located above your rear axle on the driver's side wall.

First gather up your tools you need.

I have hose clamp pliers, flat-tip and 10mm socket with socket-wrench. That is all the tools you need for the job.

First I disconnected the fuel pump connection in front of the fuel filter.
Attached the hose clamp Pliers to the Lt. side (inlet) of the fuel filter.

Then loosened all of the hose clamps.

Once all the hose clamps were loose I removed the top 10mm bolt that holds the filter in place.

Then I pulled the Rt. Side (Outlet)hose off. CAUTION fuel will come out. I had an old folgers bucket ready. One the fuel stop coming out remove the other hose. Simple way to remove is just twist and pull. If that doesnt work you may have to cut a small section of the hose off.

Next I prepped the new filter with a new small piece of hose and new hose clamps.

Reinstalled inlet and outlet hoses the attached the clamp with the 10mm bolt and you are almost done.


When starting your vehicle after changing the filter. I primed my new filter by turning the key to the run position 3 times. Then I turned to start and she fired right up with no hic-cups.

Hope this Write-up helps some one out!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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