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Rough Country HD Steering Upgrade Kit

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I was looking at purchasing the Rough Country Hd Steering upgrade kit. Was wondering if anyone else has that kit and if they like it or not?
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I had a steering setup similar to this, the only difference was the tre the draglink connected to, it was a little different. Was not happy with it, there was a ton of tie rod roll induced by the very design of this system.

I ended up trashing that setup and went with steinjager's heim joint tie rod kit. Way more gooder, no more dead spots in steering induced from tie rod roll and much better handling on the road. I would say they are more durable as well since there are less forces placed on the lower tierod ends since the draglink goes right to the passenger side knuckle.
I ended up trashing that setup and went with steinjager's heim joint tie rod kit.
Do ya know exactly what I need to do for adjusting? And are you meaning the tie rod ends? The guy I bought it from claims it has new tie rod ends but it doesn’t look that way to me.
Adjust it by throwing it in the trash, cause that's all it is. New tie rod ends won't last a year even with road miles.

I'd go with the recommendation by 4.3l XJ and get that steering system by RE. It will be the most reliable and will require minimal work to install since its bolt in.

*side note, not trying to be a dick, but I had a very similar setup and constantly wore out rod ends, it caused many issues with good control over the road. Now that I have the steinjager setup, I have no more dead spots in the range of steering.

As stated above, id recommend keeping it simple though and go with the RE kit. Also, im curious to know if you have a drop pitman arm or not, some measuring might be in order for you to figure that out. Unless the PO of the jeep could tell ya.
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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