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Russia playing in our backyard

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Wouldn't it be nice if a couple of our battleships were not in mothball. While Russia is playing around in our hemispere with their crusier Peter the Great, I would love for the New Jersey, and or the Iowa along with one of our big carriers to be just close enough to be on the horizon.:thumbsup:

Am I the only one that remembers The Monroe Doctrine???:confused:

"The Monroe Doctrine is a U.S. doctrine which, on December 2, 1823, stated that European powers were no longer to colonize or interfere with the affairs of the newly independent states of the Americas. The United States would not interfere with existing colonies or their dependencies in the Western Hemisphere. However, any attempt by a European nation to oppress or control any nation in the western hemisphere would be seen as an act of aggression and the United States would intervene. President James Monroe first stated the doctrine during his seventh annual State of the Union Address to Congress, a defining moment in the foreign policy of the United States. Most recently, the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine (added during the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt) was invoked as a reason to intervene militarily in Latin America to stop the spread of European influence"
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