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Seats and leaf springs

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I have a 94xj and right now one of the rear leaf springs is frowning at ke the othere is broken so if you happen to have some decent condition used leaf springs or even a gpod used smaller lift with leaf springs that would be great. Also I jeed new seats of anypne has any for a gray interior l.
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I think it might be time to go junk yard hunting.

Do you have a two door or four door? There might be aninterestin option for you in the Springs if you have a four door.
I did go plucking around the junk yards but the only jeep xj already had the springs missing. Ill keep checking just thought id throw this out there incase someone was parting out
Where are you located??
There's a guy here in Colorado selling the seats from his Jeep Commander. Apparently, the seats will fit in an XJ. I'd jump on them but I have a two door and the front seat would need to fold forward.
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