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Well first of all, take the xj to a shaded place, the sun is not your friend while doing this… then pop the Hood open and take a look...

Take out your tools needed. a 13mm wrench, 13mm socket wrench, 8mm socket wrench and of course your new belt

If you don’t have the sticker that tells you how the belt goes take out a pencil and paper and make your own like I did

Locate the Power Steering Pump right next to the Airbox, the bolts that you have to remove or loosen are in that area, so for better room take out the Airbox, and the AC fan protector. The adjusting bolt is under the PS pump and its looking towards the airbox

Once you have all this removed locate the adjusting bolt 13mm and start loosening it. You will also have to loosen these bolts too. See pics (follow the red tip of the paint brush)

There is also a bolt underneath this one, if Im not mistaken, that you can access from underneath if you dont have it, well your like me. IDK why I dont have it, and well there is supposed to be one there. There are two slots where this bolts tighten. That way you can pivot in that area.

^^^ this last one is the adjusting bolt..

Once you have all this lossened then check push pull what ever you need to get the belt loose/out... one you have it out, compare it with the new one so that you make sure it’s the same length and what a new belt looks like :D

Then patiently using the sketch you made of how it goes or the sticker, you can begin to put back the new belt, I suggest that you leave the pulley that is right next to the AC pulley for last. This one it is flat and it goes with the back of the belt so if you did not loosen the belt enough you can carefully push your way into place.. now give it a lil engine rotation but don't allow it to start (remove coil wire) not actually starting the xj just for the belt to move a lil for it to get into place in any spot that you might have missed, then recheck all the pulleys.

OK now that its in, make sure its centered on every pulley and nothing is loose, so start tightening all the bolts back (13mm) leaving for last the adjusting bolt, now put everything back together and your done, (re attach the coil wire)be happy you did it, drink some cool beer and take a bath, bc you are dirty.. :D

here is also a vid that helped me out.. its a lil diferent but it helps (we do not have an auto tensioner, we have a jacking screw tensionare for that is the adjusting bolt.. :)

hope this helps and that I didnt forgot to mention anything:thumbsup:

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Nice write-up. Should've painted the belt red while you had the brush in your hand.
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