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I replaced the starter on my 2014 jeep cherokee sport and it still will not turn over . Someone told me it could be bad battery wire or ECM not sure any answers
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An auto parts store will check your battery for free. Let them do that first. Also perform this simple test. turn on headlights and try to start the engine. if the headlights dim, then you have enough voltage but have some sort of connection issue
Have no power to starter at all
I have a 2014 cherokee sport with 2.4 liter engine relace starter and still not having any kind of power to start not sure if wire broke somewhere or the ECM went out not sure had a mechanic tell me that the starter was bad relaced it still nothing
If you have no power to the starter at all, you must verify the battery is good, then the connection. The only way I know to start figuring it out
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It has new battery checked charge on it and it says 12 volt open door no light inside but put jumpbox on it lights come has me puzzled
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