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Stock COTM January 2019 - Pick your fav!

  • RolandtheHeadless - 1994 Green 2 door XJ

    Votes: 5 62.5%
  • WJLizard - 2004 Grand Cherokee Overland

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Raph77 - 2000 Black 4 door XJ

    Votes: 3 37.5%

Stock Cherokee of The Month - January 2019

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We are now accepting entries into the Stock Cherokee Of The Month.

Provide us with some pictures of your Jeep and as much information as you can. We will add the poll after we have received (5) entries.

COTM Stock Class RULES


Rules for Stock Category:*
*Mods will open up a new thread for submissions each month

*Must be an active member of CT to participate

*Any Lift 2.5" or less and 31" or smaller tires.

*All entries must be placed in this thread to be considered.

*Must include a minimum of 2 photos and a maximum of 5 photos and info as listed below, no more no less*

*Entries may be closed early if there are too many entries for the current month.

*There will be a maximum of five (5) entries to be voted on per month.

*Mods will open up a poll so that members may vote for their favorite Jeep.

*Winners to be announced on the 1st of the following month.

*Any Jeep not selected as a winner is free to enter again in following months.*

*Rules may be changed, modified, added or removed as deemed necessary by the moderators of this forum

*In case of a tie moderator will decide the winner.

To nominate a Jeep, please supply the following information:




*Mods/Custom Stuff:

*Other Info:


Good luck!
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3rd time is the charm

I will try again for jan 2019 :brickwall:

*Year:1994... 106k miles

*Model:SE but I am slowly making it into a laredo clone

*Engine:2.5 four bannger yep I like abusing squirrels

*Mods/Custom Stuff:front bumper I made mounts and hung a 2X6 on it
The death twinkie shifter
I have installed a dash cluster from a laredo
also I have installed a hitch and will be putting tank armor on
other stuff that I am gonna do: throttle body, injectors ,small lift and ????

*Other Info: ok so it is not the baddest or biggest but it is just right for me

yes that is a boat in the back of my Xj


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come on some one compete with me
Ok, I'll make it easy for

2004 Grand Cherokee Overland Edition.


I call her the Meat Wagon . Bought her used for 2700$ with 119,000 MI . She has heated front seats with up to two driver memory . Dual zone climate control . Adjustable pedals . Infinity factory sound system. Outside she sports the Overland rock rails and full factory skid package. It's definitely not pretty on the outside but the interior is in great shape (less the deer blood and hay). Dispite looking like Helen Keller's first car , the Overland tows nice with a 6500lb suits my needs and gets me to my hunting ,fishing and camping spots.


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The battle is on!
woot woot
Bring it !!!

and the dents that helen put in it.... bruises of honor
There are no bruises of honor here. The young girl I bought it off of ,hit ice and spun out. Hitting every body panel on the way around. I have a set of Bushwacker fender flares on the shelf waiting for my gimp @$$ to get them on. They should cover most of the damage.
OK you forum creepers, get your stockers in here!
BTW Nice deer

no one has any stock jeeps as nice as ours so we wont have any competition
He said mockingly ;)
What the hell.
My Jeep is stock for the most part I guess.
2000 Cherokee Sport
4.0 with an automatic
2 tone Camel/Agate interior
LP D30
8.25 open rear
3.55 gearing

When I bought her she had power windows, door locks, power/heated mirrors, rear defogger, the Eccos, the enclosure and the 6 CD changer in the back. That enclosure and CD changer I believe to be a dealer installed option. Has a wired and wireless remote.

Mods are pretty much limited to a 4 hole injector upgrade and the '98 Grand Cherokee 5.9 louvers cut in the hood. Oh I did put an inline T fitting, capped off on one of the ports, where the oil sending unit is. This was so I could check my oil pressure with a mechanical gauge anytime I want with minimal effort.

I have added a fair amount of factory options she was not equipped with.
Aftermarket factory looking fogs wired like aftermarket ones but utilizing a factory switch.
Factory front and rear tow hooks
All the factory skids
Factory running boards and rear mud flaps
Swapped out all the tinted glass for factory privacy glass
Swapped out the one piece cloth buckets for leather removable headrest ones. But they were is so so shape hence the seat covers.
Power seats both passenger and driver
Overhead console
Cruise control
Cargo cover (Remember in a 2000 it is just that cheesy tarp and not the retractable one.)
4 slot bezel
Extended Idle Switch (Don't get excited it is still not hooked up yet.)
Factory Infinity Tweeters
I did take the map pockets off a Country/Limited door panel and put them on mine.
Wood Grain radio bezel off a Country/Limited.
A '98 Grand Cherokee 5.9 tire cover. OK not a Cherokee option, even though European Orvis versions did come with a similar looking one, but still Jeep.
Tail light brush guards. I am putting them here cause I believe them to be Mopar ones but can't be sure.
Full Size Matching Spare. Came with one of those space saver ones and I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate those things.

Guess these would all fall under aftermarket accessories.
AVS rain guards and bug deflector
Grill inserts. Brand unknown. These were a Craigslist find.
EGR headlight protectors
Rugged Ridge Mats
CoverKing Seat Covers
Isimple device that lets me play my 160 GB Ipod through the factory stereo
A couple of what have to be aftermarket wood grain accents on the Cruise Control Switches and the Tranny bezel that I picked up.
Headlight harness with Britelite versions of factory headlights
LED's for all the exterior. Blinkers, brake/stop, and reverse.
LED's for all the interior lights. Overhead, rear cargo, and footwell
Turn signals, side markers, and tail lights that did away with the amber lens.

There are a couple little things I am probably forgetting.

Why I should win.

I blame you guys for all this. I bought the '00 as a fixer upper. I am older and don't thrash around out there any more. Still does not mean I won't own a Jeep. Figured a little refresh and with a little luck this will be the last 4X4 I buy in my lifetime. I came around here looking for insight into basic repairs. Then I saw all the things you guys were doing with your Jeeps. Pictures of all the options mine did not come with.

Simple little refresh my ***. LOL.


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We welcome all new members into the sickness with open arms. And the warning signs are there regarding the effect this infection has on your lifestyle and wallet! :rolleyes:
Once bitten, there is no cure. We are so glad you are part of the family! :32:
nice jeep
Man I ain't never gunna win this thing
which is a double negative, so you figger out I mean

but I digress

if your rig doesn't have a name about "Nosferatu"
Thank you.....
Come on you stock guys, get em' in there.
they are afraid of our fantastic jeeps that they cant hope to keep up with

you have been called out

btw dont care if I win just wanna see more of your jeeps
they are afraid of our fantastic jeeps that they cant hope to keep up with

you have been called out

btw dont care if I win just wanna see more of your jeeps
I am with RolandtheHeadless. As I stated my little refresh got out of control because of guys posting pictures. I want to see all those ideas that you guys have come up that I might want to steal. LOL.
It's all yinz guyz.....I'm just here for entertainment
Nice Group of Jeeps this month! Thanks Guys! Poll goes up soon!
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