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Congratulations to one of our newest members DOWNSY for winning Stock Cherokee of the month for 2019

*Year: 1995
*Model: Country
*Engine: 4.0L

*Mods/Custom Stuff:
-"UPCOUNTRY" clone suspension using Crown and Moog parts
-2 in Reciever Hitches front and rear
-Power Trax no slip in Dana 30
-OEM T-Case skid added
-Homebuilt Rock Rails
-Rugged Ridge XHD reclining seat on driver's side
-BTECH UV50X2 VHF/UHF radio mounted Overhead
-RAM Mount for Phone and Tablet(for trips)
-EFAN Bypass Switch
-Reverse and Undercarriage LED lighting
-Full interior LED lighting replacement with exception of Dash Lighting (working on that)
-DOT LED Headlamps

*Other Info: AW4/NP231/Chrysler 8.25/Dana 30
Trying to keep mostly stock in appearance while still making a capable vehicle. My days of sawsalling Jeeps are behind me and I want something that will be reliable and last me for years to come

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