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Taz's Jeep's

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Taz's Jeep's update

Well I decided that I would put up a thread with the different jeeps I have had and do have. I am saving space by just putting it all in one thread.
I found some old pics of my 91 with 4" lift and the 454 so I will post them later and some others I have owned. I also am noticing that I am collecting a lot latly as I just bought a 93 that has rearend damage to the body for 100 bucks. pics soon. (now I have to get a Comanche to even out things again)
anyway just going to put here all the ones I fnd buy and are working on buying.
when i get home after moving the cj8 to my brothers I will post pics of the jeeps / heeps.
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It looks like you have quite a collection and would be nice to see pics of all on one thread I know you've posted pics in other treads. will be waiting for an update
was think of this the othr day.. so I will start.. LOL
the 87 stocker DD thinking about lift and the 31's that are beside it but think I should leav it stock. hard to find a 2 dr and this one is just orgnal and should be left alone

94 grand

95 choped

the 89 4 banger with 4:10's
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the 87 waggy needs body job, 242, d44 in the rear 3:55's

the cj7 81 now apart for the bros cj 8 project

the yard about 2 months back.

the 82 F/S I took the 360 out of for project Payote
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the 91 that I sold ( after body job) to a new jeeper and friend

the 92 that I took the blow engine out of. not sure what to do with it..

the 90 Mj that was sold to fund other jeeps.

the 91 2 1/2" lift 31's. sold for cash and cj5 fram and housings for a buggy project.
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89 mj that has been taken apart as the frame was bad and I need parts for the payote project

I also have a cj7 red, j 10, just boght a 98 XJ 4dr and a Dakota 1997. some other ones in thire that I have to get pics of and up date the list... LOl
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To bad you couldn't keep one of those MJ's.

Do you think the front clip from a wagoneer would fit a cherokee I like the way they look with 2 headlights on each side and would like to put one on mine
I have a 91 thats in almost mint condition I put in storage..soon as I have the 872dr done its gone in beside it.
you can put the waggy front clip on the cherokee but you need the hole clip. header panle, grill, blinker/ marker lights, and besels for them. then just bolt it on. oh you would need to change you head light wireing so all 4 lights work.

I just bought 5 more jeeps from a guy that wants me to clean his yard up. he just bought a grand cherokee. they are 89, 91, 94, 95 and a 96...
I will post pics
what's that going to jump your Jeep count to.
Yeah i get the clip and wiring part but behind the clip where the lights go would I have to open up more space
no just the header and the grill parts... rest is the same just went out and looked for you.. I was thinking of taking the 242 and the d44 and putting it into the 2dr now I am thinking that a 3" lift and the limited leather int with power everything aswell as wood grain dash would look nice.. do the mactack on the outsides and the trim... might make a nice not made but factory looking jeep... I would even do the 4 headlights maybe and the wagoneer bages for fun..
well got the 98 and the 87 dakota home tonight. I will have to take pic's in the morning it was to dark buy the time I got home,,,
the J10 9Old rusty) and the 97 Dakota ( not a jeep and f/s to fund the jeep) could not help but buy it)

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as the yard sit's yesteday..I also have a 88 waggy comming that I bought today. 4" lift and 33's. a 89 4 banger and it has a 2" lift and 31's and a lot of rust LOL also came with a v6 ( thats good I need the motor mounts for the v8...
the waggy, Dakota and wifes Car

jeeps jeeps jeeps.

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yes it almost total heaven
well for sometime now I have been looking for a float as paying others to haul my jeeps is just a pain and way to much money.. so I saw this the other day for a good price and had to bring it home.

Going tonight to load to jeeps I traided some tires for.. a waggy with 33's and a 4" lift and a pioneer with a 4 banger and 31's
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picked up a 94 wit hthe v6. came with a parts jeep that has the v8 but no tranny. date on camera wrong again.. stupid camera
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adding to the collection are we? looks good man.
yeah I ad to get the float and I bought and mounted a which to it for hauling stuff up on it... picked up a 95 dakota and a 98 mj today.. pics to come soon
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