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The great thermostat question

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Ok, I've read several threads on people's jeeps overheating on them... no new news, they get hot when not everything is working properly on both the open and the closed systems.

One question that I've had has been difficult to find many straight answers to. I may be opening up a whole big can of worms here, but I'm curious to hear what everyone has to say...

Jeeps (4.0's) are designed to run around 195*, correct? If someone puts a colder (say, 180*) t-stat in them, will they actually run colder? Or does it not let the cooling system cycle propperly? (I.e., not letting coolant sit in the radiator/block long enough to transfer heat)

Let's go off of the assumption that all fans are properly shrouded and in good, working condition and the systems are full of a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water and all air has been purged from the systems.

Lets hear it!!
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the best possible thing you can do as far as cheap upgrade goes IMO is to put your electric fan on a toggle switch so that it will run constant when you want it to. Here in Texas at a pretty constant 100 plus degrees during summer months my jeep will run all day at about 190 degrees if I leave the fan on while Im driving. I have never seen an XJ that runs the "195Degree" optimal temperature without help ie upgrades or constant maintenance and low mileage most run about 200-210 wich is running hot to me before I get beat up about that statement keep in mind that is my experience here in Texas with our heat
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