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The Yeti Project

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So, after having done some things lately, it finally occurred to me that this thread should have been posted long ago.

I haven't decided if I will go back and re-post most of the mods that I did with her, here; or just link to them in brief succession. I suppose I just do the linking all quick like and save y'all some time.

This is what she looked like shortly after a 2.5" BB puck lift and WAAG Guards installed in the late summer 2007.

I think I have lost all photos of her from the weekend when I bought her in October 2006 down in Phoenix, AZ. I took in a MNF Bears Cardinals Game at the newer stadium (which was a comeback for the ages), and the very next morning I bought my Jeep. One hell of a weekend for sure, because they were who we thought they were and I didn't let her off the hook.


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Same here.
Congrats Bud!!! Glad to hear you made it. Good luck on the search
I can tell you from experience tearing apart axle housings that a short length of chain on the end of something (say a hammer) and you can loop it over the axle or bolt it onto a lug, and yank it out. Thats how we did it for a long time until they finally bought us a slide hammer.
Yup, nasty.
How did you removal all that nasty old foam from the headliner?
Never figured out what was wrong with uploading directly....

Only site I struggle with is ExpPortal becuase their uploader sucks. I end up linking from here, which may cost me in the future...who knows.
Thats pretty much what DWTim did if I remember correctly...
JDGreens does.
Can't find him as a member. :brickwall:
Really Gluck? I may have typed it wrong, but you know who Im talking
I could probably help out with this experiment. Ive got a cousin near Denver. Lots of yuppies there just waiting to pay someone to build their jeeps and trucks
I saw your long lost brother yesterday...

He was rockin Colorado plates, black steelies under flares, and an aftermarket front bumper. Had some kinda gold Yeti vibe to it...
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U-joint fitment aside, a collection of wirewheels and a bucket for electrolysis and you'll be golden.
Danger Zone!
The top of the pinion says "cannot equal 0" shown in symbol form.
I hated using the balljoint press for the first couple bushings, but by the time I was done I was enjoying it.
I like my SOLID brand covers, but something with both a drain and fill is nice. I got the best price directly through them believe it or not.
Hope that works well for ya. Curious to know how it acts in the front on icy roads.
It behaves quite well in the winter on snow and ice. Now the rear Spartan on the other hand....
Damn man. I shoulda stayed off the forum. It was all going great and the last post I read is you falling down stairs. Enjoy the downtime as best you can I guess. Anyone can weld from a chair though, just need to move the parts lower and on a rotisserie. Same for painting.
Glad to hear you are pushing to be active still. Keep after it
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