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So, after having done some things lately, it finally occurred to me that this thread should have been posted long ago.

I haven't decided if I will go back and re-post most of the mods that I did with her, here; or just link to them in brief succession. I suppose I just do the linking all quick like and save y'all some time.

This is what she looked like shortly after a 2.5" BB puck lift and WAAG Guards installed in the late summer 2007.

I think I have lost all photos of her from the weekend when I bought her in October 2006 down in Phoenix, AZ. I took in a MNF Bears Cardinals Game at the newer stadium (which was a comeback for the ages), and the very next morning I bought my Jeep. One hell of a weekend for sure, because they were who we thought they were and I didn't let her off the hook.


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What's up?

Hey just wondering how things are going? Still going to be able to do your trip to Tulluride in June? How's your rig coming along?
Sorry you have gone through so much! Hope you do get to get away to enjoy Telluriade and at least soften the troubles for a while.

I am looking forward to this summer. With my new job having May 25 through August 8 off will lend to some pretty great trips. Wife and I have so much planned. I hope to fit in as much overlanding/trail runs as I can.

I'm going to try and finish putting my front suspension together this weekend. If I do I will try and get my rear leaf springs swapped out the next weekend. And see what my ride sits like. (Hoping it's level or a little rake). It would be nice if it is road worthy enough with out having to swap out the t-case just yet. I'm jonzen for some time up in the mountains before I get into the next phase of mods.

Moving back to Telluride soon? Do you have work lined up there? And a place to hang your hat? I think that would be a great place to live. It is getting so exspensive to live here in Denver (pretty much Colorado in general) my two younger kids are working hard to get out of debt so they can relize the dream (sort-a-speak) it is so hard for your generation.

Hope you get things turned around and maybe some day we can bump into each other down there in the most beautiful place on earth in my oppinion (Apline loop area). Cheers, David
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Do you mind if I ask a couple questions about gearing set-up on your thread? I will be starting to build my axles soon and there are a couple things I'm curious about?
Well this is what I have going on. Both axles I bought are already loaded with the ring and pinion. The Dana 44 out of a International Scout, turned out to be bent to crap housing/axle shaft. So we have a guy up in Grant that has a lot of Scout parts and sold me a housing for $125 and sourced axle shafts off Ebay. Also bought a complete rebuild kit. If I pull the guts and go ahead and just swap it in (as long as the bearing and races are looking good) and check all the tolerances. If it does check out I'd would it be good to go? I Have a similar situation with the Dana 30, bought the rebuild kit for it as well. I have bought most everything I need to break it all down and rebuild them completely. Once we get into it we will probably just go ahead and use all the new parts but just curious if since the carrier and gears where already broke in together would it be ok?
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Yeah the right tools should prove to be valuable. I have a heavy duty shop press (I had to purchase a new hydraulic jack for so 30 ton from harbor freight) I went ahead and bought a clam shell bearing puller, actually almost every tool I think I'll need. But still need a couple things. The axles have arb lockers so I don't think the bearings have a lot of mileage on them. I would be worried about whether the carrier on the bent axle was damaged but arb's are supposed to be one of the strongest on the market, when the time comes to actually put things together I'm going to try and enlist some experienced help. I will probably go ahead and truss the dana 44 since it's out.

I had some trouble dialing the front and rear suspension (complete overhaul during the fall) now that it is near perfect for me. The gearing is the next step.
I wheeled with a guy that is running the same gearing with the 5 spd like mine, I asked him if it was to steep. He said it was perfect. Top speed 80 mph. He also tows a teardrop trailer no problems.

Thanks for your input I might be tracking down some set-up bearings if I can't use the old ones. Good advice!
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Gluckmysock, Thanks for the link, I'll give this a good read.
This is really cool to see your progress on your gearing DaingMaing,

Mark and I started installing his brothers lift on his Jeep it's a OME 3" lift. I love working on XJ's (the whole built not bought thing) I'm a little concerned that we will need to go the relocate bracket route like I had to. We will see once we get the bolts out of the front end of the leaf springs. What PITA!!!! I'll try and share some photos but ever since I have been using this tablet I to serf the web. My PC always takes a while to get going (updates). Cheers!
That looks good. At least from what I've seen from other pictures of patterns. I tried to find it but are you changing your gear ratio? And what is it. Thanks I asked a guy who has changed his gears in his Dana 44 to help me (oversee) when I do my axles. So as soon as all this crazyness is over.
It's always good to get your rig running good again. I just went through fixing mine.
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