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Transmission Solenoid Pinout Issues

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Can anyone get me a pin out for the transmission solenoid (8 pin plug off the harness) for the 2004 Grand Cherokee with 4.0/4×4 transmission?

I recently installed an 02 GC/4.0/4×4 transmission into my 04 and didn't have 4th or over drive which was odd because it worked flawlessly in the 02. Did some digging and checked the transmission solenoid plug pin outs and discovered that they are different between 02 and 04.

The 02 plug matches what I found online and I'll attach the photo here. But it doesn't match my 04 (it says it should) and I can't find ANYWHERE a pin out that matches my 04 plug.

Can anyone help? I'm hoping to be able to just change the pin outs on the plug or splice the wires to make that 02 transmission work in the 04.

Any help is appreciated!
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Those are the pinouts. So here is the deal, you will need a pick made for depinning those plugs. You need to compare the description and the positions for each pin for the two plugs. Then if you can find out how where they need to be shifte, then pull one out and insert the other there and keep going until you are done
1 - 2 of 6 Posts