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two tone paint ideas

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I want to keep the white as the main color, but I am open to ideas beyond that.
Does anyone have pics or know of a program for the computer that I can try some colors on the jeep.
I guess if the rocker panels where any color other than black it would be three tones. Anyway ideas?
Here is what it looks like now.


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I would go black and white, maybe use some sort of bedliner.
i really like what my freind did with his jeep.


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could not have been happier with the look of my last jeep white and black
i used roll on bedliner for the bottom ( herculiner can find it most auto stores )
and i used duplicolor spray paint to black out other things such as grill and door handles and mirrors
and then some darker tint for the rear itll look clean :] garuntee!


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oh and i had that stripe thingie too under the door handle.. my opinion it looks bad soo i took it off crfully with a razor CAREFULLYYY!! and then acetone and soap wash it and it looks a lot better..

Well it is obvious to me...... need some zebra stripes!!!:thumbsup:
I personally thought of black and red or black and forest green type colors. The top half would be green and the bottom would be black.
Thanks I am leaning toward the black on the rocker panel. I am also a life long Arkansas Razorback fan so I can't rule out cardinal red. Go Hogs
Mine is an oxidized orange-ish brick red with black rockers, fender flares bumpers, grill and hood but searching for a good color combo to change things up. Considering the light blue /orange combo originally on the Ford GT40 for my 88 XJ.
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