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Undiagnosed low power/torque

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Hey guys,

New to the forum, excited to see if I can get some help finally. 5 mechanics now and no diagnosis.

2004 Jeep wj 4.0 150k:

Jeep has weird issue where I have no power in high torque situations. Basically If I completely stop on a steep enough grade "especially in reverse" I can put my pedal to the floor and go absolutely no where. Jeep will hover at around 2000 RPM but will typically not peel out or move. With any sort of momentum you would never even notice the problem. Engine sounds fine while all this is happening. It just feels like your doing a brake stand.

Also trans has overheated a couple times when cruising some grades on logging roads. Also seems to shift kinda goofy when on steep grades going at lower speeds.

No its not fuel filter/air filter/spark plugs....checked all the basics

I have changed all brake components in the front and rear seems fine. Chopped off cat and exhaust today and it didn't help. All the mechanics and trans shop I took it too couldn't find anything. Fluids look good. IDK where to go from here. hoping for some suggetions and or help

thinking of a tranny flush and 02 sensors next but no codes being read.

- THANKS!!!!
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Hi, have you guys found a solution to this issue, I am having the same situation on a 2000 WJ
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