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Weird options on a 97xj

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i have bizarre option combo like power mirrors but manual locks and windows what I suspect was premium sound in 97 cd AND tape player but a 5sp and what appears to be an auto light sensing rear view mirror and ac that somebody did a complete delete on. With a clever standoff with belt wheel. Oddly enough I would have opted for the same things. My philosophy is the less gizmos the less to break hell I don’t even like obdII systems but they’re a necessary evil. I don’t know if they had fuel tank options mine is 20 gal give or take I haven’t filled it full yet.
Another thing it has is 16” wheels they are factory Jeep wheels yet the door tags only list 215/70/15 as the wheel tire combo.
aside from ac delete the only other mod is actually duel result A 2x6 steel tube that has replaced the rotted rockers so common in the rust belt. I would suggest this upgrade to anybody regardless of wheeling intentions as it’s waaaaay cheaper than rocker repair and way easier. It’s been well serviced no obvious signs of sludge or burnt oil on the rocker arms no underbody off road scars. Once I replace the fuel pump and the fuel line hack it should serve me well
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I would love to see pics of your rocker replacement tubes and where you would get these if you know. My inner and outers are completely rotted under all 4 doors. Too expensive, I agree, maybe what you have is doable. If you are inclined to post a pic or 2, I would really appreciate it. I posted a bunch of pics of the decrepitude of mine a few minutes ago and a few days ago. (Don't know what to say about your other weird stuff). I like to keep my vehicles stock (I didn't put the lift on it)but if I don't do something to arrest the rust where I can, it's gonna be for the graveyard sooner rather than later. Thank you!
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