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Anyone do any welding? If I were to get into fabrication of say, a winch bumper. What type welder would I need?
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I think both 110 and 220 have thier advantages and disadvantages.

110 can be used most everywhere. can be used on the trail run by a light generator.

220 is good for heavier steel. it's not as mobel, but it can make a beginner look like a pro on thier welds. they penatrate the steel better than a 110. a 220 also needs a breaker box in the garage that can handle the amps it pulls.

flux core is better for outside and trail use. or steel thats hard to get clean. also good for in tight places where you can't get the gun into for the shielding gas to work. down side to flux, the beed is harder to make look good and makes more of a mess to clean up. more slag that needs to ground down or filed off.

i use a hobart 140. if you get a 110 welder, go with a high amp good brand. i think 140 is as big as hobart goes in a 110. i think hobart 187 is the smallest 220 they have. i think. i bought the 110 because i need something thats more mobel.
the only thing on my xj build i'm going to use a 220 for is the building of my lower control arms. when welding steel to an axle, be careful not to over heat it. that goes with any steel being welded. unless it's heavy steel, a long hot bead can warp the steel.

ok, thats my 2 cents from the new guy. oh, i was thought to weld about a year ago. another good tool, a cutting torch or plasma cutter. :rock:
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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