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what did you do to your xj/zj/wj today?

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washed and waxed :bow:
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Well I can't top the under hood food warmer (that's awesome by the way) .But I did get off my @$$ and started the rear fender flare install

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I think it's a
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You guys are killing me trying to do some work here..hahaha haha ...well driver side rear door fitted next up the can'o'worms wish me luck
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I replaced the shocks on the WJ'S hood a couple of weeks ago after the vise - grip prop rod let go and almost took my head and fingers off. Yeah I open that hood 20 times after I replaced them just to watch it go up all by its self .why did I wait so long to replace them hahaha
No daggers here brother can't say that my JK was disconnected for 4 years BUT I tried it with the WJ and it was scary
It ain't pretty but she's all stitched up

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Nice find
May have to actually sell my stock allow wheels with tires, and get some 33's for these?
Let the empting of the pockets begin!
I just pulled a Brittany Spears on the passenger side fender.....bright side I'm gonna have clearance
Really, where you been, This thing has been sucking me dry for over a year!
That was more involuntary
^X2 on the Lucas it's really good stuff
Those look sharp
On the home stretch on these rear fenders and started my hood vents while I've been waiting for the paint to dry
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Haven't been to bed in 40 hours and a couple more to go!


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Thanks Gluck
He's obviously talking about my greased nipples. Get over yourself :rofl:
My bad , don't get your greasy nipple in a up roar!!!!...............lmfao!
Do ZJ owners only have one nipple? Cause I have at least 3 :)
I don't know I got a
After tearing my front axle apart this weekend, I was stopped dead in my tracks on the reassembly because of this $2.00 part:
I f'n hate that!
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