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what did you do to your xj/zj/wj today?

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washed and waxed :bow:
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For what its worth;

I took my bare metal fuel tank down and primed and painted it with Rustoleum Truck bed liner. It was on it when I bought the Jeep in May. I didn't like it just bare metal, and wanted to protect it.

And the tank reinstalled.

It looks plastic. but its metal. now I just gotta get a skid plate for it.
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I painted it last night and installed it around noon today. everywhere it touched metal going in, scraped the paint down to bare metal. I touched it back up before the final tightening of the straps. I think after it has a couple days to set up, it will be great.
Installed these nifty $5.00 fog lights I picked up from the flea market. Woot Woot

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Removed my oil pan, (yesterday), sanded down the rust and painted it with bedliner, gonna install it tomorrow.
Good luck! I screwed it up the first time I tried reinstalling mine! Make sure you double check the rear part of the gasket!
Thanks. Well, getting it in was a major PITA. The tranny lines were in the way, the shocks kept the axle just high enough, I couldn't get the pan over it. I used a couple bolts on both ends to hold the gasket in place while I jammed the pan back up in there. I soon learned that if you twist it just right, a slight tap on the rear and it will pop up over the axle. minimal scratching of the fresh paint (bedliner). The bolts held the front of the gasket and I stuck a bolt in a socket on about 12" extension through that little tin bracket and slid it up through the oil pan and into the gasket. held everything up and wiggled the bolt in. did the other side of the rear main bearing and prayed to the XJ Gods that the gasket went into the groove on the main cap. put all the bolts in, filled it with oil and fired it up. got it hot and didn't see any leaks. I'll check it again after I get to work just to make sure. Fingers crossed.
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BTW, a worn out distributor will make your engine knock, LOUD and SCARY!!. I videoed it but the sound came out tinny on my phone. I pulled the distributor originally to make sure the gears weren't worn, and only showed normal wear. Replaced the old gasket with silicone, (broke the old one). Reinstalled the old distributor and the knock was GONE! WOO HOO! Still wanted to replace it though. Put in a new one today with cap and rotor. Quiet as a church mouse. No tap clicking knocking or anything. Just pure 4.0L awesomeness. It has something of a header on it and sounds pretty cool. WOOT WOOT! I am da man.
I didn't see any leaks in mine either until I took it for a test drive
I drove it to work today and looked under it when i got there, didnt notice any leaks, took extra oil with me just in case.

I should have just taking the dirt shield off the tranny. DUH!! I'm gonna do that tonight, just to make sure part of the gasket isn't pinched.
took out my upgraded 703 injectors and put the stock ones back in. Had a bad miss.
i took the summer air outta my tires and went ahead and installed the winter air. gettin' kinda chilly at nights 'round here.
i took more pics of my rig today and started a build thread, Woot Woot. Go me!!
I pulled trans pan and oil cooler lines. I clean the rust form the pan and painted it with Rustoleum bedliner, I installed a new filter and new cooler lines with Nickel Alloy lines. I also changed the fluid in my transfer case. I'm gonna put it on my build thread with pics. I did this all in 9 hours. Took way longer than I thought. Rust SUCKS!!
Whats Bored?? :confuse12:
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Got some parts to fix this.
Where is the rest of the engine??

Is that a factory orange?
I did the coolant flush, water pump and thermostat, and broke the plastic fitting for my heater control valve, f me!!! Any body wanna buy a 96 xj
5 grand
put a new radiator in.
Can you pull the trim up to fill the gap?
I was gonna wire up a plug for trailer lights, mine didn't come factory with a towing package, so I don't have the connections in the harness and now i have to get an adapter, :(

Ok, so i just go ahead and install my pioneer cd player, i have a wiring harness for jeeps, up to 01, get the factory radio out and the plugs are wrong, my radio is 96 and the harness adapter is for 97+ cherokees, dang :brickwall:

Heck with it, I'll just install my new 703 injectors, WOOT WOOT, Score. got them in and it runs great.

Sorry phone messed up ... and wire it's not that hard
Thanks, I know about the trailer wiring adapter, I'm gonna order one.

I thought I had the harness for the radio, but didn't know if it would work till I got the radio out then I looked at the package a saw where it was for a 97+.

I don't like hacking into my wiring, so I will just get the T-one connector and the install kit for the radio.
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