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what did you do to your xj/zj/wj today?

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washed and waxed :bow:
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Got her inspected, and had the injectors cleaned.
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Rode it like the wind!
Well after this little adventure I had:
YouTube - SDC10186

I ripped out all my carpets, patched holes in the bottom of my jeep, bedlined it and layed down dynomat.
Hey nice job, but shouldn't you have got rid of that rust first? That might come back to haunt you.
I did, I just didn't take a picture of it. I cut out the holes and then patched them, then sanded everything down to metal and then bedlined on top of it.
Cool, very very nice job then.
changed my oil, swaped my rims from the ones in the first pic to the ones in the second pic, and cleaned out my cargo area as seen in the third pic:thumbsup:
Wow! Whats going on with that drivers seat?
lol, the frame broke and i havent had the get up and go to drag out the welder and fix it. makes for an intresting ride though:rofl:
When I spun mine and hit a big concrete wall I pulled the driver's seat frame out from one of the front bolts (I hit the wall back wards at about the 270 degree mark in the spin).

A friend of mine that has a shop did the repairs for me. His "body" guy said the seat couldn't be fixed. I told him just fix the rear quarter and I'll take care of the seat. I looked at it, saw why it wouldn't stay in place, stopped at home depot, got a big washer and put it on top of the thin crappy metal on the seat frame that pulled through. .40 cents and 5 minutes. It's been SOLID ever since. I told my friend, and he cussed his body guy. lol

If I had a welder, and knew how to weld I would have really fixed it!!! :rofl:
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