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what did you do to your xj/zj/wj today?

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washed and waxed :bow:
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It sounds like heat soak to me. I have a 96 that I have wrapped the entire fuel rail and installed the heat shield on. and the last couple days it was into the 80's here so if i shut it off after driving for a while, it would spit an sputter, backfire, not rev up, and stall. it restarts and after some gentle massaging with the throttle pedal, will clear up and run like hell. I have poured a bottle of water over the fuel rail, which cooled it immediately and the problem was gone. I have done this when it was stubborn and wouldn't restart.
I had thought about dumping some water on the fuel rail too.
Figure after I drive her pretty good just stop and let her sit for 10 minutes or so.
And before I even start her back up dump some water on the fuel rail and see what happens.
Thing that bugs me about that is getting my in really good shape, bought a new one when I did the injectors, heat shield wet.
Cause while the covering is foil, would stand up to the water, thinking what is sandwiched in there (some kind of insulation if IIRC) would not.
Oh and just the simple fact that the only code is P0301 makes me wonder.
With heat soak I would expect the generic P0300 and more cylinder code misfires then just the one.
But then again........
mine doesn't through a code. my heat shield are like an aluminum type material, and the heat wrap is like asbestos or fiber glass. so I would consider both as impervious to water.
I am just glad that I already punched the Jeep through emissions about a month ago.
I probably still had time to do it but as soon as I get that notice I get it done.
Where I live you can go as much as 60 days before your date and not mess with the date.
Needs to get done every 2 years by the way.
My date used to be in October but one year I decided I wanted to change it to April.
In my state you can go whenever you want and if it is more then 60 days before your date your new date will be 2 years from then.
My logic was that I do most of my work in the warmer months.
And some of it requires disconnecting the battery.
Still working on the Jeep into October usually I did not want to be scrambling make sure all my monitors were up during a testing year."
So I figured get it done before work commences on the Jeep be good.
Cause it would suck to have to deal with this and emissions.
Now I can just take my time and try to get a handle on this.
Oh and I forgot to add that I think this is the last time that it will need to be done.
Anything over 25 years old doesn't get tested anymore where I live.
And technically the next time it needs to be done my Jeep will be 25 years old.
Manufacture date being 04/2000.
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mine doesn't through a code. my heat shield are like an aluminum type material, and the heat wrap is like asbestos or fiber glass. so I would consider both as impervious to water.
I thought it was something like that but not sure about it being impervious to water.
I remember washing my engine in the self service bay at the car wash.
Was careful with the electronics.
But kind of remember it doing a number on heat shield.
Of course pouring a little water on there would be nothing like that but......
Something else I have always wondered about.
From my days of stalking for XJ parts, don't really do that much anymore, I came across this.

I always wondered about it.
If it would fit other years, exactly where is it positioned, would it be better then the regular heat shield my '00 runs, etc.
Until a couple days ago never really thought about it or researched it.
Might take a dive into it seeing my current situation.
So my Mickey Mouse heat shield.
Figure just do around injector 1 cause of the P0301.
Let her run till the electric fan kicked on, shut her off for about 10 minutes, and when I restarted her she stumbled a little.
Not bad like the other times but then again it was much hotter out and she was ran longer.
Only about 62 degrees this morning so not a real comparison.
No pending code for the P0301 after I shut her down. At least not yet.
But thinking this is not going to help and also now I am hearing this clicking.
And thinking not fuel injectors firing.
But my hearing sucks so .......
Won't be hotter for a few days best I can tell so I will just run the Jeep and we shall see.


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So with the weather being cooler the heat soak hasn't presented again.
Last time I had a CEL it was for a P0301 and cleared it.
A pending P0301 came up after that but after driving the Jeep some it disappeared.
And all my monitors are in an OK status.
So my guess is until the weather warms up everything will be OK.
Just wait till then and take it from there.
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