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What kind of issues have y'all had?

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We have a 2005 jeep grand Cherokee 5.7l AWD quadra trac 2 limited fully loaded with a small lift. We have a passenger CV axle for the front and bushings for the front end (3 total what we ordered). No matter if we are rolling or giving the jeep gas we get this god awful clicking noise from the front or underneath the jeep. The more gas you give the faster the noise. I think people notice the clicking noise before anything else. Had some awful looks when we drive through parking lots of something.

We plan on dropping the front end and replacing the bushings and putting the other CV axle in.

Looking for anybody else with an 05-10 5.7l WK that may have any other issues or what we may need to watch out for. I know some jeep models are notorious for wiring or other issues.
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First thing I would look at is those CV axles. If they get dry they get a worn spot inside the Rzeppa joint and will give you that clicking
Well we know the passenger side is due to change. The boot is completely done for. We have that to replace. And bushings for the front end. The front end is able to shift and move. Think that's another cause of the shift and movement of the front end.

Do you know of any other issues these jeeps are prone too?

I tried to see what codes it was throwing on the dash but could not get it to show any codes. Check engine light flashes after I turned key 3-4 turns into on position (not fully cranking). But now I believe trying it so many times it has reset the codes. Because now we don't have a check engine light.
Not really. But which transfer case do you have? Some of the fluid couplings can wear out in the full time tcases and give a rough transition in drive shaft speeds on corners
The clicking is typically a CV joint on the front axle. If one is bad, make sure and check the other. Also, The rapezza joint on the front drive shaft at the T-case are a weak spots. says NV245. But looked up that rzeppa joint and that's about what it sounds like. But we do know that bad CV axle can be causing a clicking noise too. Been so rainy can't get any work done on it. No need to pay shop fees when we can do it at home. But you can feel a pop when you place it in gear. Foot on the brake and you can hear something engage I assume the driveshaft starts spinning. Definitely makes a noise under there. Without giving gas. Now you give it gas and all you hear is click click click click click. No matter what speed your going.
And I miss typed in original post. It has Quadra Drive 2. Not quadra trac. It has limited slip differentials. Not sure if that makes much difference. As I read on jeepspecs it sounded about the same. Just drive has the ELSD and trac don't. But both use the same tcase.
The noise is probably all the play being taken up when you put it into gear. The click click click is the steel balls inside CV axle banging around in the trunnion and cage. see image. Does it have LSD in the front?

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Yes it has LSD up front. We have known it needs to be changed. Just the weather ain't helping any. If we could catch a break. We got the passenger side CV axle and bushings for the front end. We changed the driver side out. But hopefully the weather will clear up long enough to get everything else changed. Looked up bad rzeppa joints. Honestly it sounds like that. But we won't know till we get the new one in.
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Has anyone ever figured out exactly what causes the "death wobble"? I've had people tell me the ball joint, but a friend of mine had a 04 Cherokee that had the wobble, and we replaced both ball joints on the front and that didn't fix it. We ended up replacing both front struts, all the steering arms and tie rod ends, steering box, sway bar and drag links, and both rims and tires. The issue was fixed, but we never really determined what the exact cause was. I know the strut being mounted outside of the coil spring probably had something to do with it somehow. But has anyone ever figured out the exact cause for the death wobble?
any moving component in the front suspension or steering can cause death wobble. unbalanced tires also. There is NO one particular part that causes it on every vehicle.
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