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What's up ya'll

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:hi: Whats up ya'll 97 cherokee Sport ---4 inch lift, home made roof rack, 32 11.50 wild country tires , alum canyon wheels, Sky Jacker shocks. Look foward to some jeep or huntin chat.................Moe
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welcome from PR,, love the wheel tire combo you got there..
Welcome to the forum:cheers:

It would be extremely helpful if you could get a couple of your buddies to join up or even people that you know interested in cherokees. Anything would help us greatly.

Look forward to seeing you around.
Welcome! Very sharp XJ. :thumbsup:
Nice XJ! Welcome to the site :cheers:
Welcome to CT from COS!!:cheers:

Glad you joined us!!
Very nice XJ but there is just one problem with it...........................Too Clean. Please go play in the mud (great camo) and then you will be good to go.
Nice clean looking XJ!
Thanks for all the welcomes look foward to getting to know ya,ll. maybe hook up one day with the locals and do some wheelin. I havent had it dirty yet I just bought it like 6 months or so ago. and been tinkering with it every since. thats what I do, buy one fix it up a little an sell and do all over again, lol chat with ya soon..............Moe
Nice jeep nice rack also
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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